Saturday, March 13, 2010

Global Warming Solutions | Global Warming Prevention

Global warming prevention seems to have taken second place to the causes of global warming. It is very important that we know the causes of global warming in order to stop global warming; however knowing the causes of global warming without applying solutions for global warming prevention is fruitless. A common saying is "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". This statement could not be truer when talking about global warming. Everywhere we look we can find massive amounts of information on the causes of global warming, global warming facts, the greenhouse effect, etc. Global warming solutions need to be on the top of our to do list. You can only have a leak in the roof for so long before you need to take real action. Global warming is much the same; we need solutions if we are to fight global warming. Preventing global warming may seem simple to some and overwhelming to others. We very much need to all play our part in preventing global warming. We do not want to discourage anyone, or deter you from your efforts, however we need real solutions to global warming, and we need it from the highest levels of world governments. Do we really think that is going to happen by just talking about it, especially in North America (which is the major part of the problem)? It seems very unlikely! Global warming has a future in North America- we are just not so sure about the human future here if we don't act soon. Global warming solutions cannot just be a fad when the price of oil rises or the cost of living goes up. In order to reduce global warming effects it has to become a way of life, a lifestyle. We cannot reduce, prevent or stop global warming in any other way. We as a people and a nation are going to have to make changes to our lifestyle if we are going to make a difference.

Global warming needs to be fought on three different levels. The government must make it easier for companies and individuals to use alternative energy sources and less pollution causing and toxic energy sources like oil and dirty coal. Businesses need to step up and do the right thing as far as preventing global warming and promoting a healthy environment. Finally we as individuals must play a huge part in using alternative energy sources, recycling and cutting down on waste. Governments can only do so much and especially in a democracy, if no one cares about the environment and the consequences of global warming, any green movement initiated by governments will not work. Global warming solutions need to work in harmony between governments, business and individuals.

We need to fight global warming today if we are going to have a greener tomorrow. The longer we wait and ignore global warming and its effects, the harder it will be to reverse the consequences of global warming. The prevention of global warming which involves using alternate fuels such as solar power, wind power and tidal power along with recycling different materials and reducing our waste is crucial if we are to stop global warming and the consequences of it. Whether we realize it or not, global warming and its effects are real and become more so every year. We can't wait for future generations to prevent global warming. Our generation has been handed this task and we must act upon cleaning the planet now. Preventing global warming and climate change will take some work and some sacrifice. We must ask ourselves if it is worth it to leave a greener future for our children and grandchildren. We think the answer is clear and green!

i never had an idea that this is so serious, and climate change is for real and i never really cared until i attended yesterday's meeting for solid waste management. i actually hesitated because i hate long meetings. it was just about proper waste segregation and recycle. we don't have a proper disposal of our waste in the company and we are urge to segregate our waste properly. our indolence will drag us to peril, let us all start in our very own selves, let's practice ourselves and for sure it will a habit soon, a big achievement begins with a single step. it's some ways to somehow lessen the earth's burden of climate change. now it's like sinking in me that we have to do something to restore the earth, we still have time to do it, let's not wait for the point of no return. if we can't do it for ourselves, let's do it for our children, for the next generation.

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