Friday, February 26, 2010


i have leveled with the girls - from Anchorage to Amarillo
i tell them that all marriages are happy
it's the living together that's tough
i tell them that a good marriage is not a gift,
it's an achievement
that marriage is not for kids. it takes guts and maturity
it separates the men from the boys and the women from girls
i tell them that marriage is tested daily by the ability to compromise
it's survival can depend on being smart enough to know what's worth fighting about
or making an issue of or even mentioning
marriage is giving - and more important, it's forgiving
and it is almost always the wife who must do these things
then, as if that were not enough, she must be willing to forget what she forgave
often that's the hardest part
oh, i have leveled all right
if they don't get my message, Buster
it's because they don't want to get it
rose-colored glasses are never made in bifocals
because nobody wants to read the small print in dreams.

This was written by Ann Landers who once gave some helpful advice regarding the work marriage involves. I got this poem from the book I KISSED DATING GOODBYE by JOSHUA HARRIS. I just like to share this to everyone that good marriages require work, patience, self-discipline, sacrifice and submission. Hope you guys could get something from this.


  1. hi joey!
    Do you have that book?
    i planned to get a copy but i don't know y it soooo hard for me to go to a bookstore,....maybe because if i stay there,i don't want to go out.

  2. spidey, i don't believe you, it's just an excuse. if you would really love to have it then you'll find a way.., anyway, if i can find a new job, i'll probably buy you one, kk??? pero if you're too excited to read it, i will let you borrow it, whatcha think??.


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