Thursday, December 24, 2009

ordinary song


I was sitting in the last part of the bus halfway to the province when i realized i was sobbing, I had only a small piece of handkerchief covered on my face. I didn't mind it at all, I just couldn't stop myself from crying. I could hardly bring myself that it's true, lolo has expired as what Tita Odet told me from her text message.

Why this song??? This reminded me of how i declined to sing this song when lolo asked me to. I thought he was referring to a different song that has got the same song name so i refused to. I should've sang it. The span of time we shared means a lot to me but i don't know why. I just actually forgot to ask him why this song and i'm wondering now. It also reminded me of how our conversations echoed the whole house every night, now i miss the old good times. He has many stories to tell and probably he never ran out of it. He spoke english better than I thought he could. He might be the oldest guy i talked to but it felt like he talked like my age, very young at heart.

But he sometimes meddled my good night sleep because when he's starving he woke me up to prepare his good night snack (laughs). He wanted to wake me up early in the morning to exercise and i didn't like that. He also wanted me to drink hot drinks every morning and i didn't like it as well. He once reprimanded me because i really felt like going home but probably he didn't want me to. I was very young then, I wanted to explore and be freed. It never occurred to me that i was adamant. They should've told me everything 'bout him, i was so stupid then but i should've been more sensitive.

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