Tuesday, November 24, 2009

danielle steel

It was mid-year during my freshman in high school, teacher's day was fast approaching then. I was the class president back then, so I have to think what should I give to our adviser on behalf of the class. Fortunately, one of our subject teacher told me that she (our adviser) likes Danielle Steel's novels. I just flew right away to the nearest bookstore to look for Steel's novels but it never occurred to me that she's one good.

I was once saw her novels in our school library during college, i tried reading one and i found out i like her writings, her stories. From then on and until now, I still read her works, i sometimes borrowed them from friends (Lylani Marie Tradio, Ethel Satorre and Yam Dipay, these three are also a fan).

According to Erin Collazo Miller, Danielle Fernandes Schuelein-Steel was born on August 14, 1947 in New York City, New York. She graduated from the Lycee Francais de New York in 1965 and also studied at New York University. Steel has been married five times (Claude-Eric Lazaro, Danny Zugelder, William Toth, John Traina and Tom Perkins) and raised nine children. She is currently single. According to her web site, Steel's family is the most important thing in her life.

She began writing stories and poetry as a child. She compled her first novel at age 20 but was not published until she was 26. Steel is currently one of the most prolific writers in the world, best known for her romance novels. She lives in San Francisco and spends part of the year in France.

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