Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Give Yourself a Break

You're extra busy at work this month, but you need to find time to unwind: Doing too much can make you sick. Those who clock 51-plus hours a week are 30 per cent more like to have high blood pressure than those who work less than 40, say University of California, Irvine, experts. And those with chronic job stress are up to five times more likely than a stress-free workers to get metabolic syndrome, a group of risk factors that can lead to heart disease and diabetes. To stay healthy, ease the strain: Make friends on the job and take breaks.

I've found a new set of mates in my workplace, we are very different from each other, from our age, behavior, and status in life but there's only one thing common to us: LAAGAN (wanderer), to stress out. Here are some of our pictures taken during our laag.

sa isla
clockwise (ronan, jaja, weng, eric, dodot, ryan, anton, ian and me)

in the mountains

After a busy days of work, it feels so good when you sometimes chill with friends, with your family or anyone you want to spend it with away from your busy work and somehow forget it for awhile. The faces are so bright as you can see and they won't probably trade it for a thousand bucks.

FASTFACT 65% of workes would choose more leisure time over a pay rise. ZenithOptimedia SurveyAF

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  1. i miss all you of you there. i want to hang out with you again and again, did you know??? hope we can, huh...


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