Saturday, October 3, 2009

You Let Go...You Hold On

I once received a text message like: "A girlfriend said to her boyfriend: 'I knew that you love someone else and i'll set you free if that'll make you happy.' The girl was crying when she left, the boy ran quickly to the girl, hugged her, kissed her hands and he said: 'Thank You.'"

It's awful isn't it? Letting go of someone you love especially when you have bonded together is very difficult, it would probably be one of the worst thing that would happen to you.

Letting go is a good thing, it means that you've decided to accept. It also means showing them how great is your love. It brings so much pain and loneliness and yet there's tranquility. Time will heal it, just wait, it might take you longer but it will do you good.

It's hard and you think you can't do it, you don't want to lose your grip and sometimes it's harmful to us. I've witnessed how some people hold on, it sometimes paid off but sometimes it's killing them. It's good to hold on but most of the times it's not healthy, it feels like your a monster in the midst of a disaster. Pretensions lying next to you, that you're still good, everything's in their right places when you know very well that the situation is 'bout to tear the relationship apart. It's bringing you trouble, it complicates things and somehow you'll realize that it's been awhile and still you could hardly make a decision and you want to wish that if only things aren't going this way. But pause for awhile, look back and try to discover what you've done that could've contributed to what's been going on.

Change is one of the constant things in the world. People change, everything changes and it's a matter of acceptance. You may love someone very much but still find a way to let go, make an effort and just always take care of yourself because who else will do and everything will follow.

At some point, you have to decide to move on, you've got to stop blaming the past for all miseries in the present. But who wants to endure that pain? No one but it's hard because sometimes there's no exemption. But if one day you'll find yourself hanging, would you let go or hold on?

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