Sunday, October 11, 2009


We all knew that God made everything, but what about Him? Have you ever wondered where God came from? Who sent Him? Does He instantly appeared without any explanations? Did He once a child, where are His parents? Do you also wonder if He has a throne and does He always sitting on it? Do you think He has magical wand like what most of the magicians have in magical movies? Does He always keep an eye on us or He has some men to do the work? Does He teleport to the place He wants to go or does He just walk to get there? Does He get hungry then eat and does He get thirsty then drink? Does He smile or frown? Does He get tired and does He sleep? Does He watch movies or listen to music or does He plays sports? Does He smell awful then take a bath and does He change clothes? Does He get sick and does He get confused? What age does He look? Does He and Jesus talk or discuss things like most parents and their children do?

Just wondering and i really have no idea. It's very astonishing how He appears and has powers to do what He wants. There's no such thing as perfect in the humans but with God alone, He is so bright and very powerful that He made everything really perfect.

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