Saturday, October 3, 2009


Do you remember the last time you said 'Thank You'? Try to remember an event wherein you have received kindness from your fellow. Did someone give you something to eat when you're hungry. Did someone let you take his seat when you are standing on a bus? Or have you ever been answered politely from your inquiries?

I was in line in a grocery store, one afternoon, when an old man next to me asked a favor if he could insert between me and the woman before me. I granted his favor and he said 'Thank You' with a big smile in his face.

Many times in our daily lives, we encountered so many things and we are oblivious that there are plenty of things to be grateful. Sometimes problems arise and it feels so weary and it teases your day. There's always hope for everything. Take a pause for a moment, look around you, there so many things to be thankful and be happy about.

Let me share to you a story. I had a friend who's always complaining everytime his parents don't prepare a delicious meal. I was distracted by his attitude so i brought him to a neighbor's house and i let him witnessed the scarcity. Sometimes, they only have one meal a day yet you could not hear any complains from them, in fact, they always grateful for one meal a day is a blessing and that's probably what my friend should reflect.

And now let me share my own story. When i was younger, my mom used to bring me in a store. One time, i spotted a very beautiful pair of shoes, i really bugged her to buy it for me because i don't like to wear my old shoes anymore but she refused to buy it. I was very disappointed and i was crying when we left until we got home.

On the next day, i went with my mom again to visit her old friend, named Glenda. I found out that her left leg was amputated because of a car accident long time ago but she still wearing a true beautiful smile when we arrived. As i remember during that visit there was still gratitude and hope despite of her condition. I feel like I've been cheated because i never realized before that i can walk anytime i wish without a pair of shoes or even barefooted, while Glenda needs a wheelchair or even a person to carry her.

We are usually like this. There are so many times in our lives that we always forget to say Thank you for everything. God is so good that everyday in our lives He gives us blessings just like waking up from our deep sleep. Most of the times, we don't notice great things in life.

Try to think right now, I'm sure there are lots of things you are thankful for. Just bare in mind that expressing gratitude even to the smallest things could make a difference. I wonder why sometimes when we desire a thing we want it badly and immediately but we can't even appreciate for the things that we have.

If the only prayer you ever say in your life is 'thank you', it will be enough -Meister Eckhart-
(I got this title in one of the comics, and put down my thoughts).

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