Thursday, October 8, 2009


When i was about to write this stuff, i was wondering what should i write. Trapped in a confusion, I tried to ask my father what does he think is a good topic and he answered, 'LIFE'. I heaved a deep sigh because it's quite broad but i was delighted when i realized that it was a nice idea.

What is life really all about? Life to me is God's greatest gift to us and taking care of it, knowing the values of life and what you do with your life is your gift to Him. Life somehow stinks and offensive yet it is full of wonderful surprises. It is an adventure and most exhilarating at the same time. You may lose or win but how you deal with it and overcome trials depends on you.

Life is also about making choices. You choose what you want and a consequence will follow. The future is the product of the past. Your journey depends on you but sometimes you have no power to control over certain things.

There are times that you just can't understand some things and you're feeling like you're being blown up, it freaks you to the point where everything of you is almost drain. It's kind exhausted because things really aren't easy, it's like you're being pulled downward and you can't help yourself to rise up from drowning.

Adversities are just around the corner and sometimes it's moving closer to you. There are some bad things in your life that you never expected to happen. But no matter how hard life is, just bare with it, it's one of the things that life is made of. You just have the strength to face it boldly but i felt sorry for others who don't have the courage to be strong. Just don't allow yourself to despair, instead help yourself to see the meaning of your life that has been given to you. Your resilience, perseverance and trust will help you get through and armed yourself with intelligence, common sense, enthusiasm and faith.

We cannot deny that problems always exist, so we should prepare ourselves for the problems that may come our way and decide how will handle them. It is truly obnoxious how things go that way. But don't let that feeling of being offended turn into grudge, instead do something to make things better than the best.

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